“How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” by Bombay Bicycle Club

Here’s a fun fact about me that I don’t readily admit: I’m afraid of claymation and most stop-motion stuff. It’s weird and unnatural and I hate it a lot. Get Rudolph and Frosty out of here; I want nothing to do with their North Pole or misfit toys or whatever as long as they’re made out of clay.

For today’s jam, I wanted to go with something chill and hopeful. I chose Bombay Bicycle Club’s “How Do You Swallow So Much Sleep,” despite the fact that the entire video terrifies me. There are other videos for it involving way more cover art and way fewer stop-motion aliens, but I realize I’m probably the only person to suffer from this strange affliction. The lyrics are repetitive yet playful, and the vibe of the song is great. So as long as you ignore the creepy AF video, you’ll probably quite enjoy this!


One thought on ““How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” by Bombay Bicycle Club

  1. Hi, Samantha, interesting fear. Luckily this is low frequency occurrence, you don’t have to face claymation people in general. It’s much worse for me with a driving phobia and visions of decapitating everyone’s head in the vehicle. Sometimes claymation does feel a bit weird like the people are dripping like when you make a sandcastle and things are not solid.


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