Things I’m Obsessed With: March 2017

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog more. Not because I want to monetize it, or because I think you want to read my obnoxious ramblings, but because I enjoy it, and it keeps me busy. In lieu of writing reviews for every single thing I read, use, watch, etc., I’m going to start consolidating these things into lists each month. Books will be separate (first round found here), but here is the first edition of Things I’m Obsessing Over!

Me thinking I look like a fashion blogger in front of a cool wall at Stowe

NOTE: No one gave me anything for free (I wish, right?) or asked me to write reviews. I just genuinely like these things and want to talk about them because I like to jabber on about myself.

Here are the things I’m obsessed with right now:

My friend Victoria’s books

So my friend Victoria Stevens is the best and most annoying person in the world. She’s the best because she’s nice and makes me laugh. She’s annoying because she’s so bloody talented. She’s got so many wonderful ideas, and every time she writes something and sends it over saying “I just threw this together and haven’t edited it and it’s so bad omg,” it ends up being flawless. How obnoxious, right? Anyway, she’s writing one book at the moment that I’m super excited about. So stay tuned. Her first book is coming out later this year in America, and I’ll definitely be posting about that. It’s available for preorder in both the US and UK.

FootJoy leggings

So my dad works for a golf company called FootJoy, and they have a great line of performancewear. I’ve always liked their products, but these leggings, which I got for Christmas, have CHANGED MY LIFE. They’re so comfortable. I keep seeing stuff online about LulaRoe leggings, but I can’t imagine they’re any more comfortable than these puppies. They’re tight without feeling constricting, and they’re warm without feeling heavy. They’re thick enough that you definitely can never see through them. They’re super durable and don’t stretch out even when I’m gross and wear them three days in a row. The pocket in the back is big enough for my keys and gym card. They’re high-waisted, which is awesome because I hate low- or mid-rise anything. Basically these are an athleisure dream. They’re not cheap, but I only have 2 pairs and wear NOTHING else these days, so it’s not that bad. For reference, I wear the XL. Check them out by clicking HERE.

Me in some monument at Stowe, a National Trust property, wearing the famous FootJoy leggings!

National Trust outings

One of my Christmas presents from Alex was a National Trust membership. For those of you who don’t know, the National Trust is an organisation that holds properties of natural beauty and/or historical value. They’re usually pretty expensive to visit without a membership, but cardholders get in for free (usually with free parking as well). You end up paying for your membership within 3-4 visits, so it’s really worth it. Alex and I have been to several places already this year, which I’ll detail in a post at the beginning of next month, and it has become my favourite thing that we do. I can’t wait for summer so that we can go to even more places!

Double chocolate banana bread

Tastes like cake but is less than 200 calories per slice. Check out my recipe HERE.

Ultimate Beastmaster

Anyone else seen this Netflix original? It’s basically like American Ninja Warrior but requiring way more upper body strength. Most of the people who made the finals were climbers, unsurprisingly. I’ve read some reviews knocking it, but Alex and I were actually screaming at the TV during the final. It was insane. And while it hasn’t quite motivated me to get off my ass and actually do something, it is HELLA entertaining. When you get to episode 9, tell me how you feel about Air Force Ken. We’re a house divided.

Stealing Alex’s clothing that he wants to donate

Alex is a thin guy, so the clothes he actually wears don’t fit my hips or boobs. However, he used to be a bit heavier, and he’s recently decided to donate a bunch of those clothes. Too bad they’re not making it out of the house. Currently writing this in an old button-down that fits me and makes me feel like those girls in rom-coms that slip on the guy’s shirt after they hook up and look totally hot. #score

And that’s that! I obsess over everything that even remotely interests me, so rest assured there will be another one of these next month. In the mean time, what are you loving that I should obsess over next?


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